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Address: Hess A. ter 1-3, Budapest, H-1014, Hungary Tel: +36-1-889-6600 Fax: +36-1-889-6644

Parking: please note that car traffic is limited in the Castle District to preserve its historic heritage. Guests of Hilton Budapest are allowed to enter the Castle Area by validating the parking ticket at the Front Desk of the hotel. Visitors can leave the protected area free of charge within 15 minutes of their entry at the same gate. Parking on the street with validated ticket costs HUF 525/EUR 1.81 per hour. Hilton Budapest offers a secured and convenient underground garage for HUF 900/EUR 3.10 per hour or HUF 9900/EUR 34 per day.

Conference rooms:
Plenary lectures will take place in the Ballroom, on the 1st Floor;
Poster sessions, exhibition and coffee breaks will take place in the Corvina Rooms on the Ground Floor (Lobby level)
Lunch will be served in the ICON Restaurant on the Ground Floor (Lobby level)



Poster Printing

There is a possibility to order a local printing of the conference poster with the following conditions:

- The cost is about EUR 10 for an A0 format poster
- The poster can be submitted in an e-mail or uploaded at the website
- Payment with credit card or via bank transfer.
- The printing company offered a delivery of the printed posters to the registration desk of the ECM2015.

If you interest in this possibility, please contact:

Mr. Gabor Varga
sales manager
1139 Budapest, Forgách u. 9/b.
Tel.: +36 1 210 27 17 Fax: +36 1 303 53 16,
Mobile: +36 20 930 82 61
E-mail address:

Disclaimer: Since this is a service of external company Copy General, therefore the organizers of the ECM cannot take responsibility for the quality and timely delivery of the printed posters. However, we had good experience with the services of Copy General in the past.


Tours & Excursions

Tickets and information on Sightseeing tours and Excursions will be available at the ECM 2015 Registration Desk set on the Ground Floor (Lobby level).
Information on Tours & Excursions is available here:


Budapest Grand City Tour – Bus Tour

Are you ready to discover Budapest? We are prepared to show You the Hungarian capital in 2 or 3 hours so get ready to engaged by this city. The Heroes Square, the State Opera House, the Hungarian Parliament, the Royal Palace and the Citadel (photostop) cannot wait for You to see them. Our buses are air-conditioned and the live guiding is guaranteed in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Tour ends at Eurama Office (Hotel InterContinental).

grand1.jpg grand2.jpg grand3.jpg


Departure: every day at 10:00 14:30 until 31st March
  every day at 10:00 11:00 14:30 from 1st April
  (pick-up 30 minutes prior to departure)
Duration: 3 hours
Price: EUR 23/person or HUF 6.500


Parliament Tour

Did you know that the Hungarian Parliament is the 3rd biggest parliament in the whole World, and the biggest, most expensive building in Hungary? No?! Well, now it’s your chance to get to see it. This is not only an architectural visit, You’ll be able to see the 1000 years old Hungarian Holy Crown (worn by the first king of Hungary: St Stephen). Don’t miss out!
Tour ends at the Parliament.

(The Parliament reserves the right to cancel guided tours without notice on special occasions.)



Departure: every day except Monday at 9:30, 13:15 until 31st March
  every day at 9:30, 13:15 from 1st April
Duration: 1,5-hours
Price: EUR 23/person or HUF 6.500


Royal Tour

Everybody wants to have peek into a real palace. With us you get to see the beautifully renovated castle (Gödöllő) of Queen Elisabeth, commonly known as Sissi. You’ll be able to walk through the same hallways, the staircases and the park of this amazing baroque building as the beloved princess.
The tour ends at the EUrama Office (Hotel InterContinental).



Departure: every Thursday, Saturday at 10:00 until 31st March
  every day excluding Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 from 1st April
  (pick-up 30 minutes prior to departure)
Duration: 4 hours
Price: EUR 35/person or HUF 10.000


Szentendre & Visegrad Tour

On the way to this picturesque town, Szentendre, which is also known as the Artists’ Village, you will be able to see the breathtaking Danube Bend from the top of Visegrád Hill (photostop). The city is the ultimate escape for those who want to travel back in time, simply feel happy and be surrounded by the presence of the good old days. At the end of your journey enjoy a boat cruise back to Budapest. Live guiding through the whole tour is guaranteed. The tour ends at the pier in Budapest city centre.



Departure: every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 10:00 until 31st March
  every day excluding Monday at14:00 from 1st April
  (pick-up 30 minutes prior to departure)
Duration: 4,5 hours
Price: EUR 40/person or HUF 11.500


Danube Bend Tour

This is the ultimate Hungarian excursion! You get to see history from the first row, right in front of you. Enjoy the remarkable city of Esztergom (center of the Catholic Church), the antique town of Visegrád (former Royal Residence) with additional lunch (3 course menu) and the magical Artists’ Village: Szentendre in just one day! During the tour we’ll show You Esztergom from another point of view, literally (photostop in Slovakia). And if this is still not enough, get ready to float back to Budapest by boat at the end of the day.
The tour ends at the pier in Budapest city center.



Departure: every Saturday at 09:00 until 31st March
  every day excluding Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 from 1st April
  (pick-up 30 minutes prior to departure)
Duration: 9,5 hours
Price: EUR 58/person or HUF 17.000

Puszta Tour

What is Puszta exactly? It’s the Hungarian Great Plain where you get to see and feel the typical countryside vibe (Lajosmizse). Enjoy an exciting horse show and horse carriage ride, taste the delicious meals and wines while listening to the authentic gypsy music. What else could you wish for on a great day?



Departure: every Wednesday and Sunday at 09:00 until 31st March 
  every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9:00 from 1st April
  (pick-up 30 minutes prior to departure)
Duration: 8 hours

EUR 60/person or HUF 18.000

DunaBella – Boat Tour

1-hour cruises from the city center with audio-guiding in 30 languages.
Possibility to stop at Margaret Island for a short walk. 2 drinks are included.



Departure: every day at 11:00* 12:30* 14:00* 15:30* 17:00 in March
  every day at 11:00* 12:30* 14:00* 15:30* 17:00* 18:30 in April
  *Optional stay on Margaret Island
Duration: 1 hour or 2 hours
Price:  EUR 14/person incl. 2 drinks


Enjoy a special sightseeing tour on both, land and water. With RiverRide you can marvel at the main sights in Pest and also admire the riverfront attractions from the Danube. The route passes by many of the top attractions and World Heritage Sites. It’s a fun and exciting way to discover the city.


Departure: every day at 11:00 13:00 15:00 until 31st March
  every day at 10:00, 12:00, 15:00, 17:00 from 1st April
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Price 28 EUR/person or 8500 HUF